Team 4028 was started in the fall of 2011 by CHCA physics teacher Andy Ciarniello and math teacher Adam Cool. The team of around 25 students and mentors is a part of the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology) Robotics Competition. Each year we have six weeks to design, build, and program a robot to succeed in a game designed by FIRST. As a team, we dissect the elements of the game strategy to determine the best design features. In the design process, we are assisted by professional engineers, teachers, and mathematicians. Within the team, we have many groups working together to improve the robot as well as the business aspects of the team’s operation.  As a team, we construct, observe, and work with others to achieve success and a passion for science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and marketing.

Over the years

Here’s what we’ve been up to since our founding:


During these years the Beak Squad racked up a number of achievements. We won the Boilermaker Regional in 2012 and the Ohio State Championship in 2013 with two other alliance robots in each. In 2013, we were the 7th seated alliance in the Queen City competition and the 5th seated alliance (team captain) in the Crossroads competition. In 2014, our team competed in the competitions hosted by Saint Louis, Queen City, Thurgood Marshall High School, and Mahoning Valley and performed very well in all of them.


The 2015 game, Recycle Rush, required robots to stack plastic totes, place pool noodles (called “litter”) in recycling containers, and put the recycling containers on top of the tote stacks. Additional points were earned when human players tossed the “litter” onto the opposing alliance’s territory. We competed in the Central Illinois Regional, the Queen City Regional, and the Ohio State Championship at Thurgood Marshall High School. Our team also travelled to the World Championship in Saint Louis this year and came back with the FedEx Innovation Award equal to $15,000. This challenge required us to work together as a team to discover solutions to complex mathematical problems as well as traveling around the city to look for special FedEx products. We look forward to another great and successful season coming up this year!