Please review the sponsor pack to see the benefits of sponsoring the Beak Squad:     CHCA Beak Squad Sponsorship packet 15-16

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Benefits of sponsoring the Beak Squad include:

  • You will inspire young people to pursue careers in science and technology – critical to building a technologically literate work force
  • Your company’s reputation and visibility in the community will be enhanced
  • Your company will receive media exposure through our team website, school communications to CHCA parents & students, local TV and community events, webcasts by NASA and other websites
  • Your employees who mentor our team gain personal satisfaction and growth from the mentoring process

Students on the Beak Squad:

  • Are diverse: both male and female students fill key roles. International students are integral to our team.
  • Engage with the local community to spread knowledge of and appreciation for STEM with other students, adults, and businesses.
  • Develop a mastery of real world skills including leadership, innovation, creative problem solving, and team collaboration.
  • Establish business and marketing strategies designed to ensure long-term success of the team and build its brand.
  • Build skills in CAD design systems, part machining, assembly, pneumatic and electronic system design, and Java programming, among many others.

Current sponsors

Phillips Edison and Company

What the members say

“It has exposed me to more real world experiences. I enjoy getting to learn how the robot works and how all the different parts come together.”


“I have learned that it is important to take time to understand the little details to avoid rework later. My favorite part of working on the robotics team is spending time with my sister and other students to create an awesome robot.”


“Being on The Beak Squad has allowed me to interact with and work together with other students I don’t usually interact or work with. I have also learned how to design and manufacture unique components for the robot. I have also learned how to program, code, and test different functions for the robot. I have also learned important project planning skill so that our team stays on track and does not fall behind. Prototyping is an important skill for understanding all the different paths we could take for our robot design. Having strategic discussions about our prototypes was key for understanding which path is best for our team to take. My favorite part of being a part of being on The Beak Squad is programming the robot and seeing it do the things I want it to do.”


“I have learned how to solder and wire circuit boards for the robot which is awesome! I really enjoyed taking apart an Xbox Kinect to see how it worked, and then reassembling it so we could get it to work for what we needed on the robot.”


“Being on The Beak Squad has showed me how technology and science can be used to solve real world problems by taking what we learn in the classroom and applying it to real, tangible problems we can solve. I really enjoy working with all the students and mentors on the team to design, create, and assemble all of the parts of the robot.”


“Being on The Beak Squad has helped me learn key time management skills with balancing my robotics team responsibilities and school. I have also learned there is more than one way to look at and solve a problem. I really enjoy working alongside professional engineers and learning from their life and work experiences.”


“Being on The Beak Squad has taught me a ton of skills I can use later in an engineering field from simple things like how to use a ratchet to cool tricks on how to keep a wheel assembly aligned using a unique tool. I enjoy building the robot and creating an awesome machine while also hanging out and working with my friends.”


“Being on The Beak Squad has allowed me to learn from experts on what being an engineer is actually like. I enjoy meeting new people in engineering and science fields and learning from them.”


“Being on The Beak Squad I have learned a lot about mechanical engineering and how it can be directly applied to building a robot. I enjoy meeting new people who have the same interests as me”


“It is rewarding to have the opportunity share my science/physics/engineering knowledge expertise with students who are passionate about learning more about STEM.”

JustinMentor from Intelligrated

“I came to the Beak Squad freshman year and my life was forever changed. For the first time I was able to find a team that appreciated and used my entrepreneurial and technological skills and I was able to stand out and use my talents to help the team’s marketing team soar for the first time”


“Coming into the team I really didn’t know any of the team members and I was really shy because I knew that my strong suits were definitely not in science or math. As I became more and more comfortable, I began to extend my talents and form new friendships and learn new skills regarding website development, content management and generation, and logistical marketing that I never would have had the opportunity on any other team apart from the Beak Squad”


“The Beak Squad exposes me to a variety of people with different talents and areas of expertise that allow me to experience what life in the work place will be like”